Meet Us

Meet Us

Robert Leonard is a sanctuary in the middle of downtown tucked in amongst the fast paced urban streets. Step in and be welcomed into an experience tailored to you. Trust that you are in the best hands and that our staff is here to help you express who you are. It is our promise to always put our client’s needs above our own. Come and experience our dedication to making you shine your brightest.


Amy Harvey

Designer & Colorist

Amy has been in the industry for 9 years and most of that time has been spent at Robert Leonard. She first created a name for herself by honing her skills with the best at a 6-week Vidal Sassoon advanced cutting course in Santa Monica. Amy excels at men’s haircutting, where her precision techniques take men’s grooming to a new level. Having curly hair herself, she understands the struggles it can present and enjoys helping clients overcome those challenges. Amy’s experience doing both hair and makeup for fashion shows and theater make her a natural choice for Weddings. Amy is an enthusiastic, creative and compassionate person and that translates into her hairdressing style.

Becca Stordahl

Owner, Designer & Colorist

Becca took ownership of Robert Leonard in 2008, just 9 years after starting her career, and the salon and spa have flourished under her leadership. Becca’s commitment to education has taken her to Paris, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles where she has taken classes from Sassoon, Oribe, Bumble and Bumble, René Furterer, and Jamison Shaw and trained in both British and French Haircutting. Becca is also an expert in extensions and has training in multiple methods. As Dean of Education for Robert Leonard, Becca is always eager to share her expertise and experience. Becca enjoys her experience with organizing and performing photo shoots, fashion shows, and up-styling; especially bridal. Her zeal for growing what she eats aids her in her hobbies of gardening and farm to table entertaining.

Cara Hellings

Designer & Colorist

Cara started her career at Robert Leonard in 2000. She has trained in LA with Vidal Sassoon, NYC with Bumble & Bumble, as well as France with Rene Furterer. Cara is responsible for introducing the immensely popular Brazilian hair smoothing technique to Robert Leonard and has helped us earn a reputation for expertise in the service. Cara has always enjoyed the challenge of color correction, transforming an unappealing palette into a color her clients love. Cara excels at teaching clients quick and easy tricks that keep them looking as chic at home as they do leaving the salon. Cara’s talent for creating beauty with her hands extends to jewelry-making and metal work. This helps feed her constant love of learning.

Craig Helmuth


Craig started his career as a Colorist in Spokane over 30 years ago, where he trained in two highly acclaimed salons before moving to Seattle. Since then, Craig has been an integral part of Robert Leonard’s culture and training. An expert at formulation, he loves to collaborate. Craig’s broad expertise allows him to work on redheads (focusing on creating dimension and the best tone for a client’s skin), brunettes (it’s all about richness and shine) and blondes. Craig has a strong background in foil work, using it with all types of color, as well as Balayage. He has worked as a trainer for a color manufacturer and currently works as an educator at Robert Leonard. Craig attends every class he can whether it requires travel or in salon. His extensive training includes courses in NYC with Bumble & Bumble, L’Oreal Studio, Wella Studio as well as Goldwell and Vidal Sassoon in LA. He has done many fashion shows and photo shoots and has been written up in “Town & Country” magazine as a blonding specialist. Craig’s passion for the industry comes across to his clients and his co-workers.

Diny Ruiz

Designer & Colorist

Diny, a specialist in haircutting and color has been with Robert Leonard since 2003. Diny’s experience with the Brazilian smoothing treatment and hair extensions have allowed him to participate in many fashion shows and photo shoots for Seattle boutiques, as well as on site weddings. Diny takes pride in giving his clients the best service possible and holds himself to high standards for timeliness, respectfulness and positivity. Clients often remark that Diny provides “the best shampoo they have ever received.”

Erica Walters

Designer & Colorist

A dynamic stylist, Erica started her career at Robert Leonard as an apprentice, and has worked hard to build her expertise through advanced training classes in NYC, Barcelona and Vancouver, BC. She always makes time for learning and currently attends our in-salon French cutting classes. Erica loves translating a client’s thoughts and ideas into a cut and color that makes them feel great. She works both extremes in color, from natural sun-kissed hair to edgy and bold. Erica’s up-styling is a showstopper! Her ability to take a traditional up-style and add her own “pop” is truly a sight to see and definitely makes her a market-leader in styling. Erica’s upbeat personality and joy are infectious.

Halina Malec


Halina emigrated to the U.S in 1988 from Poland and spent time working in Boston before moving to Seattle. With 25 years of experience in Esthetics, Halina enjoys giving relaxing facials, peels and body treatments. Halina’s expertise with waxing contributes to her fast and efficient body waxing and precise brow shaping. She is a joy to work with and has lovely tales of her world travels that are sure to intrigue and inspire.

Jennifer Hultkrantz

Designer & Colorist

Jennifer has been creating beautiful hair at Robert Leonard for over 10 years, where she’s known for her talent with shaping short hair so that it flatters a client’s best features. Jennifer enjoys providing a wide range of services including hair cutting, all types of color techniques, perms, Brazilian smoothing treatments and hair extensions. Jennifer is a great listener who strives to give clients the best possible service by understanding the most basic part of styling: Communication. She comes from strong, tightly-knit family who helped shape her loyal, free-spirited approach. For Jennifer, there are only two ways to spend your time: If it’s not hair, it’s family.

Marika Kajari

Colorist & Designer

Marika has been a hairdresser for nearly 40 years. She is originally from Chicago where she taught school before finding her real passion, hairdressing. She worked as master stylist for the premier salons in Chicago where she did many photo campaigns and even owned her own salon for 20 years. She was written up in the “Chicago Tribune” as best stylist. She has now been with Robert Leonard for 20 years. Her schooling has never finished. Marika doesn’t miss a class as she feels this is what continues to give her the edge her clients expect. She has the know how to interpret her clients need and wants even if they don’t have the ability to articulate it. She will lead you in the right direction weather it be a new color, hair extensions to give the client the density or length they have been wanting or a service to adjust texture in the form of a perm or a Brazilian smoothing treatment. These skills have earned her top client retention in our industry.

Lisa Marie Hardan


Lisa Marie started her journey as a Stylist 16 years ago. She initially mastered the French Haircutting technique, used to create movement and softly frame the face, as a member of an Artistic team and has since strengthened her skills with classes by the renowned Candy Shaw Codner of Jamison Shaw Advanced Hairdressing System. Lisa Marie has also studied with Oribe and swears by their “Dry Texture Spray” (she lovingly refers to this product as “hair crack”). Lisa Marie loves adding hair extensions and lash extensions as a simple way to create a big change.

Robert Salmons

Founder, Designer & Colorist

Robert started his career in 1973 in Chicago and worked there until his move to Seattle in 1976. As founder of Robert Leonard Salon and Spa, he is responsible for much of our tremendous success over the last 30+ years. “Harpers Bazaar” has referred to Robert as the Northwest’s “Specialty Hair Expert,” but If you ask him what his specialty is he will say “ the ability to relate to people and be perceptive enough to know what they require on an individual basis.” He has a deep passion and love for hairdressing and feels very fortunate to have created a wonderful career and a way of life that he can share with others.

Megan Petersen


Megan has specialized in color since the very beginning of her apprenticeship. Now with 7-plus years experience she approaches each client as a clean canvas and an opportunity to create a masterpiece. She loves the freedom Balayage provides, a technique in which she freehand paints color onto the hair. Megan has helped to grow the education we offer at Robert Leonard and finds joy in watching the growth of our assistants. She has trained in NYC at Bumble & Bumble, Nancy Braun and in San Francisco at DiPietro Todd. Megan is accommodating to clients as well as coworkers, has a deep passion for her craft, and will always find a way to say, “YES!”

Tyler Clark


Tyler is a bright and talented colorist and technical specialist. He is passionate about finding the right tonality of color to pair with your skin tone. He loves blondes and excels at nailing down that exact right hue you have been seeking. He gives an incredible blow-dry for long lasting results and his southern ways make him a joy to talk to.

Shane Chance

Designer & Colorist

A hairdresser since 1996, Shane offers the highest level of scalp analysis and treatment using techniques he’s learned through training. A passion of his for many years, Shane’s interest in scalp treatments took him to France to the Rene Furterer Institute. He uses his knowledge to teach clients how to care for their hair at home and how to live with beautiful, healthy hair every day. Shane has participated in numerous fashion shows and shoots and has done hair on set for movies. He is fiercely loyal and dedicated to building relationships with his clients, which starts with timeliness and an incredible work ethic.

Alisha Nakamura

Designer & Colorist

Why am I so passionate about being a hairstylist? 
I truly love making people happy. 
There's something about taking care of our physical appearance that garners us respect and dignity. 
Growing up in Japan where salons frequent almost every block, shows that the Japanese pride themselves on being well kept and presentable at all times. Growing up in a culture that is so keen on perfection has definitely rubbed off on me as a stylist. I am not happy until my pursuit of technical precision leads to your happiness and satisfaction. 

Nicole Fetsis

Designer & Colorist

With over 10 years of experience, Nicole has a very technical approach to hairdressing. She is trained in precision haircutting form Vidal Sassoon. She loves cutting pixies because of the detail involved. Nicole has also advanced herself in a broad array of coloring services, Balayage being one of her most loved. Nicole also loves adding hair extensions to create the perfect look for her clients.

Meghan Larsen


Meghan Larsen has been honing her skills as a brow design and Brazilian specialist preforming her services in some of Seattle's top day spas and waxing parlors since 2001. Meghan brings her no-fuss, detail- oriented technique along with her remarkably effective custom facials to her practice.

Marsa Lee

Designer & Colorist

Marsa's career started at Robert Leonard in 2015 where she began as an assistant to further her education by taking advanced training courses. She especially loves giving her clients soft blended layers with a beautiful balayage to compliment the haircut. She understands that every client's hair texture is different and especially understands Asian hair because she also has Asian hair herself. Transforming her clients' hair by installing hair extensions is another skill she is passionate about and loves doing. Marsa loves building relationships with her clients and looks forward to the next time she has the opportunity to see them. 
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